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Wineglass for the 3rd time….or the 33rd time?

I have been struggling with my running this year for all sorts of reasons so I needed a familiar race to get me back on track. Wineglass in Corning NY is one of my favorite community marathons. I did it my first year of running races and then again in 2015. The local people always do a great job of cheering and supporting the runners. This time it’ll be my 33rd marathon. So… wife and I took off for a little vacation….or RUNcation as most call it. We decided to make sure we took time for ourselves too. An opportunity to really enjoy the city a bit more. Some times we go to these races and do little to nothing so we really made it a point to relax and try to be part of the local vibe.

The first evening we jumped into the local flavor with well…..local flavor. Whenever I see a sign about Mac n Cheese…..I can’t help myself…..I have to get some. For a diabetic those carbs are not so great but…..well…. I took some insulin so I could enjoy. This bowl was a half size order described as big as a football. Full size… big as a basketball…..I saw it… was!

With a nice rested evening, my wife took on the 5k…..I watched and cheered her on. I know….not my typical. She is always supporting me so I made sure this time I would be there for her and take pictures. Whether was good and I got to talking to some people about diabetes and with one guy who does ultramarathons and has diabetes. He wears his meter likewise. Great information and sharing. He is much faster than me! Most are. 🙃

The rest of the day was out enjoying the city. We walked around downtown seeing architecture and then went to an art museum. Sometimes I just can’t be still. But this was a fun afternoon and it was interesting to see the history and art. Certainly need to take note that we need to do more of this. Especially since we visit this wonderful places throughout the year. Race day…..a familiar routine. My wife dropped me off at the bus stop downtown and I boarded with all of the runners. We headed out of town to the start line. It was rainy and cold…. Not what I was hoping for. I sat around in the tent, waiting for the call to the line. I know this process. No need to go out early……just follow my plan. Everything felt good. Followed my plan which included a brief walk each mile…..I needed to stick to it. About mile 13, I ran into someone and we began chatting. It was nice to have a running partner since I wasn’t going to be as strong as normal. We encouraged each other. Before too long, we had another young runner join in. She heard us talking and asked if she could run along…….maybe this is my calling? Get people to follow along with me? Struggling marathoners…..those finishing over 5 hours. There isn’t usually any pacers past 5:00:00. We chatted, we ran, we walked…..all in all…..we enjoyed each other’s company and encouraged each other. I know I needed it. Finished with my best Wineglass time…..not my best marathon time…..oh well…..another day perhaps.

Thanks for all your support and prayers.

Eugene Thompson

Run Eugene Run

Diabetic Runner

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