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Welcome to my story and journey dealing with diabetes.....and how I’m trying to fight it through running. 

The old website just didn’t support my ability to easily document my journey via blog posting. It was a nice site that was contributed to my efforts but this one will be much simpler and hopefully better for others to communicate with me. 

It has been way too long since I have posted so I’ll be doing a bit of updates over the course of time. Recapping some of my last races, victories, struggles and dreams. You will get to hear about a few of my races and the experiences that I have had with each. Many of you might to run some of them yourselves so I’ll rank them and give you an accounting from my perspective. 

Thanks for joining me on my journey and I hope you find it inspirational if not at least interesting. I also hope you’ll share our message with others. Our goal and mission is to bring awareness to diabetes and the struggles that many suffer living with it. 

Enjoy your day and .... Have a Fun Run   

Eugene Thompson

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