Does anyone else have struggles getting their supplies? Costs? Delivery? That person on the other end of the help line? Isn’t it enough that we have to deal with managing all the problems having diabetes itself but now we need to juggle through all the insurance redtap...

I was so excited about finally getting to the point where I was able to no longer talk about it but just run. Just to do this thing. This crazy thing. Seven marathons in seven days. I must be out of my mind. I just wanted to do something that was completely out of the...


Thanks for all your support and prayers.

Eugene Thompson

Run Eugene Run

Diabetic Runner

Last year I had attempted to do this marathon two weeks after the doctors put me on the insulin pump. Unfortunately the nurse told me that I could just reduce my insulin and I would be fine. I had always eliminated all insulin before the race to avoid dropping too low...

I hadn't been to Vermont in a very long time, since probably my youth. Back then I most likely didn't really care about seeing the sights of the countryside. Now, however, was a great opportunity to take my wife to part of the country that she has not visited very much...

I have seen the advertisements for the Blue Ridge Mountain Marathon over the past several years and it’s claim to be “America's Toughest Road Marathon”. So finally this year I accepted the challenge, not necessarily wholeheartedly!

Actually, I was scared to death!


I finished my last marathon in Philadelphia just before Thanksgiving. Turning in yet another poor performance in 2018. This made me realize I needed to go back and focus on my strength training and get prepared before I tried another marathon.

I ran a fair amount last y...

I almost not like writing about this marathon, okay, I really don't like writing about this marathon. It's because it was my worst race time ever.

So there are a lot of reasons why it was my worst marathon. However, I don't like making excuses. I started off the year wi...

As I begin to prepare for yet another marathon I am going back and reposting my old blog posts from my original blog, ET's This I Believe. Of course now this one is all about running!

I probably should rewrite them all but that is a lot of work....and I am lazy.

Read thr...

This is a post referencing back to my ET This I Believe Blog before I started the one you are on now. I certainly could copy it all over again and repost it but I thought that maybe linking the old one would suffice.....after all. What is in the PAST is in the PAST!


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